News for nerds like me

Well there are several great places online to get news from if your a nerd like myself and just incase someone out there is becoming a nerd and has not found them yet I wanted to post about them on my blog.

The very first is called Slashdot and is located at they made the name is order to fool spammers looking for there site which is why is is named what it is but is probably the best place on the internet to find great information about geek stuff.

The second is called Wired which is my favorite place on the internet to keep up with everything in the world of nerds and is located here lots of great articles and pictures and oh yea they have a magazine to, lol.

The third is called technology review which keeps up with all the latest and greatest things going on over at MIT and also some things around the World. A really great place to learn about the future of things to come and is worth reading if your into that kinda stuff.

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