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UAV air cleaners

I can see a day soon when unmanned aerial vehicles will fly around the sky collecting the carbon out of it in order to help clean the air. And the unmanned aerial vehicles will run off batteries that recharge using … Continue reading

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They make it rain for real

Seems that Dubai recently cloud seeded there skies over there city with dry ice in order to help bring some of the pollution out of the air. China will seed clouds prior to the Olympics this year in order to … Continue reading

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I have been tagged

In hopes of getting people that use tagging site to better find my website I have set out on a tagging mission to tag unmanned system threw all these different websites people use in order to find websites that are … Continue reading

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Holographic phones are here

I found this awesome video clip on YouTube the other day about a new mobile device and text messaging system that plays holograms of messages. This is a must see video for any technology buff because the this thing looks … Continue reading

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