Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform (WASP)

Men build small flying spy drone that cracks Wi-Fi and cell data

Built by Mike Tassey and Richard Perkins, the Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform (otherwise known as the WASP) is a flying drone that has a 6-foot wingspan, a 6-foot length and weighs in at 14 pounds. The small form factor of the unmanned aerial vehicle allows it to drop under radar and is often mistaken for a large bird. It was built from an Army target drone and converted to run on electric batteries rather than gasoline. It can also be loaded with GPS information and fly a predetermined course without need for an operator. Taking off and landing have to be done manually with the help of a mounted HD camera. However, the most interesting aspect of the drone is that it can crack Wi-Fi networks and GSM networks as well as collect the data from them.

It can accomplish this feat with a Linux computer on-board that’s no bigger than a deck of cards. The computer accesses 32GB of storage to house all that stolen data. It uses a variety of networking hacking tools including the BackTrack toolset as well as a 340 million word dictionary to guess passwords. In order to access cell phone data, the WASP impersonates AT&T and T-Mobile cell phone towers and fools phones into connecting to one of the eleven antenna on-board. The drone can then record conversations to the storage card and avoids dropping the call due to the 4G T-mobile card routing communications through VOIP.

Amazingly, this was accomplished without breaking a single FCC regulation. The drone relies on the frequency band used for Ham radios to operate. Not wanting to get into legal trouble with AT&T and T-Mobile, they tested the technology in isolated areas to avoid recording phone conversations other than their own. The duo play to discuss how to build the WASP at the DEFCON 19 hacking conference.

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Unmanned systems gaining in popularity

Our world today is filled with unmanned systems, and they seem to become more and more popular, while manned systems are on the decline. Everything from ATM machines to drone planes, we see more and more about unmanned machines running tasks that human are not required to do.

We have surveillance cameras along the borders, and even self checkouts at grocery stores. Banking can occur 24 hours day without the need of a human bank teller. There are robots being used to make portions of cars, and even robots being used to pull orders for big box retailers who need to keep up with the speed of the internet.

Once thing is certain, we will be relying more and more on technology to handle tasks that humans used to do.

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Google Toolbar Page Rank update

Google rolls out the new year with a update to its toolbar Page Rank. Googlebot which is Googles information collector is probably one of the hardest working unmanned systems in the World. Crawling the web all day and night looking for new information and checking in on old information along with tons of other functions it performs everyday. At last check via Googles webmaster blog Google uses more than 200 different types of algorithms to determine Page Rank and search engine results position or SERPs.

As far unmanned systems go Googlebot is probably one of the most profitable unmanned systems to date, able to crawl the web collecting information and than sort it out and placing ads next to the content makes Google millions of dollars in revenue each week. This will be the last unmanned system we feature this year but stay tuned next year because we a have a lot more great articles, pictures and videos on the way!

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Digital vending machines

Some digital vending machines are hitting air ports and convenience stores in South Korea soon and I imagine will one day arrive in the United States. The things a digital vending machine can do are countless in my opinion but to name a few things people can do at one is download music, movies and television shows right to there mobile device.

The greatest thing about this type of vending machine is adding new products would just require a download from a computer anywhere in the World as compared to someone restocking it with money or sodas like what is done with other conventional types of vending machines. Unmanned machines such as these have the ability to make huge profits compared to traditional vending machines and I can not wait to try one out when they make their way here.

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The Crusher Unmanned Ground Vehicle

The Crusher Unmanned Ground Vehicle is the brain child of engineers at Carnegie Melon University. It weighs in at 6.5 tons and with its advanced perception techniques and learning capabilities it can navigate rugged terrain while transporting more than 8,000 pounds of payload and armor.

The six wheel design along with individual suspension gives it maximum mobility, and its high-strength aluminum tube hull and titanium nodes protected by a steel skid plate can absorb shocks from impacts with rocks or tree stumps. Crusher moves at a top speed of 26 mph and utilizes electric motors embedded in each of its wheels to power a hybrid system that runs on a turbo diesel generator to recharge its batteries.

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