Unmanned stores to be the future?

The future of all products and services may be unmanned and automated. Making an automated business that makes money all day and night, even while your asleep is something every person dreams of. And thanks to the internet this dream is a possibility because all year long you can have multiple businesses just making money for you all day. If you think about how many unmanned and automated businesses you use everyday from ATMs to Coke machines you will see that you and everyone else use unmanned stores all the time.

Today the average person can create stores with hundreds of thousands of products pre-loaded into them by just buying a cheap domain and marketing it. This great blog advertising service connects bloggers to advertisers threw an automated system that allows advertisers to buy ads from bloggers in the directory. Websites like these are going to be the future and do not be surprised to find more machines doing peoples job in the future.

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  1. Randy says:

    It is a part of the future of advertising for sure!

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